Roaming around Toulouse

Hey loves!

Yesterday I got back from a super fun weekend in Toulouse. It was definitely such a well needed break from all the assignments and the hectic life that comes along with being a university student, an intern and working at the same time. Whenever I travel I tend to disconnect myself a bit from the social media world to get all that I can from that particular place I’m at. With that being said, I’m back home, so back to blogging it is!



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From One Solo Traveller to Another

Hey guys

Wow I can’t believe how long it has been since I had the time to actually write a blog post. My apologies for not being consistent, my working hours for this Summer are crazy, so please bare with me.

The following are my 5 top tips for solo travelling. By no means am I an expert at this, but I thought I would share some advice which could potentially be common sense (hopefully you’ll get something out of this).



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