From One Solo Traveller to Another

Hey guys

Wow I can’t believe how long it has been since I had the time to actually write a blog post. My apologies for not being consistent, my working hours for this Summer are crazy, so please bare with me.

The following are my 5 top tips for solo travelling. By no means am I an expert at this, but I thought I would share some advice which could potentially be common sense (hopefully you’ll get something out of this).




1.) Always make sure you’re safe (Oh wow, really?!)

This probably applies more to girls/ women. However, no one can be too safe. If you’re staying in a hostel which is in a shady area, try to avoid going out when it gets dark. Moreover, try to avoid alleys or secluded roads. Mainly, always try to make sure that there are people around. I have always been an introvert. So whereas I do enjoy spending time with people, I also enjoy spending time in my own company. However, if I am travelling alone I always check the time when the sun goes down and try to be home by that time. Maybe I’m not one to speak since I can be a bit of a whimp walking in the dark but especially if you are in a new place, you never know what type of people you will find.


2.) Try choosing morning/ afternoon flights whenever possible. Going along with the first point, it would be safer for someone to arrive in a new place and the get around while it is still light outside. In addition to this, one would probably need transport from the airport to the place you are staying. During the day it’s easier to find buses, trains etc. During the night, one would probably have to get a taxi which could also be expensive depending on where you are travelling to.


3.) My third tip is to plan ahead. I know, I know, sometimes it’s fun to just ‘wing it’ but I’ve learned that you achieve so much more when you organise your trip more or less, at least the basic things. Personally, what I do is I book everything I need. So I would check the times of arrival and so what transportation is available for me to get to the place I am staying at. Moreover, I also make sure to book my accommodation,usually a hostel or hotel. Lastly, I check about the check-in and check-out times. Check-in because sometimes you have to make requests for late check-in an check-out to check whether you can leave your luggages there after check-out if your flight is later on in the day.


4.) Remaining on the idea of planning, check things to do, suggestions where to go, things to see and anything else you require for your trip. There are usually hundreds of guides online for any place you want to visit. What I recommend is writing everything down and making a flexible schedule for your trip days. This will help save you time in the morning and also get you more excite for the trip itself.
Just an additional tip, every big city usually has a free sightseeing tour, so be sure to check that out, they are usually quite informative, and you also get to meet other travellers.


5.) Try to make friends wherever you go! Making friends from other countries has become almost like a hobby to me.Everyone’s culture is so different, it makes me so curious to learn about what other people’s habits and attitudes are like. And, it never hurts to have friends from all over the world!
Check online to see what events are happening around the city. There are websites such as which allows travellers to create events to hang out with other travellers and expats. However, do be careful and make sure it is legit before you plan to go. Other websites have forums to check what other travellers are up to! Additionally, most hostels have common rooms where you can meet other fellow travellers (usually solo like you).


My final advice to you my lovely readers, is to go out, explore, travel, have fun and see the world, you will not regret it (solo or not solo)!


Lots of love,



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