Blog Intro/ Ramble


Hey guys

Here comes the first ramble of many. This will be sort of an introduction to my blog.

Ok, so I started this blog with the aim of putting up posts of anything food, beauty or travel related. However, at the same time I felt as if there are so many of this same type of blog, that it was almost kind of useless for me to create the same content as a billion other bloggers. Moreover, I realised that this is not really what I want my blog to be all about.

I want to create content which reflects my daily life and which others can relate to. I want this blog to help both others, and me. Me in the way that I will look back and see that I have not wasted my time and in the way that I will be keeping track of all the thoughts that pop through my strange little mind. Whereas, this blog will be helping others in the idea that I know there are many students out there, particularly university students who probably hold the same ideas as me. Not only university students, but even other teenagers, 20 something year olds and anyone else who stumbles upon this blog in some way or another. I will be sharing how I live my life without being too materialistic, in the sense that, you don’t always have to wear the latest trends to feel your best or you don’t always have to spend a ton of money to eat good food. Personally, I enjoy reading posts or looking at photos, which I can relate to. Hopefully, my readers will too.

Yes, you will still be seeing food, lifestyle, travel and opinion posts. However, they will be reflecting me and what I stand for. I was never a diary sort of person, this will be my way of journaling life. Hence the name, Livin’ like Stef.




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